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Scenario Management Service

I Give Up😡!!

Often this is the thought a non-techy Maker feels when he experiences an error in his scenarios. And what if he receives many more error emails from scenarios?


Time to cheer🔥. Dont worry. MSquare presents Scenario Management Service to manage all your scenarios at the most affordable rate ever.

Key Features

Scenarios Managed by Make Expert + Partner

Quick Issue Resolution

Complete Error Handling

24/7 Support on Chat & Call

Implement Best Practices & Operations Optimization

Monthly Subscription - Cancel Anytime

100% Secured - Under NDA & Agreement

How to Start ?

Follow these simple steps to get started with this Scenario Management Service.

Step-1 Click on Start now button and choose how many scenarios you want to start with. Once payment is done, our team can contact you to review your Make account.

Step-2 Once you are ready to onboard, Go to the organization tab and add our id as Admin user

Step-3 Our team will start taking care of your scenarios.


* We will create a dedicated interface for all error tracking and status updates.

* You can watch the real-time status of every error.

* You can schedule a call with our team for further discussion.

Affordable Pricing




per scenario 

Book A Free Consultation Call

Know More About Msquare

Msquare Automation Solutions is a leading automation company. 
We deliver automation products across the globe to fulfill business requirements.

We help businesses to automate their key processes, make them robust, have less manual 
intervention and are completely independent.

Our core expertise is No Code Automation for 1000+ Business applications ie. Shopify, 
Google Suite (all products), Microsoft Suite (all products), Zoho Suite (all products), 
Slack, Discord, Twitter, CRM Automation, Facebook & Google Leads Management, Airtable, 
WooCommerce, Email Marketing, Stripe, and major Payment Gateway Integration, and many more.

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