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Customized AI-powered virtual assistant

Gmail advanced app

Effectively Manage your Email using this automation

Google sheet custom app

Bulk Append/Update/Clear, Sort & Format with Google Sheet Automation.


​Automate your manual processes within Shiprocket to save time and money for your couriers.

MS Dataverse

Automate processes and manage your data securely & effectively with our automation app.


Leveraging employee benefits to combat the effects of rising prices.


PaLM AI provide helpful information across a wide range of topics.

Youtube automation app

YouTube automation app is custom app used to  automate your repetitive tasks on YouTube

pdf extractor

Affordable and seamless data extraction from PDF 'S.

Youtube Analytic

Automate your reports and channel analytics with 10+ Modules in our automation app.

Msquare's Multi Regex

Simplify Extraction & Save Operation with 

Msquare's Multi-Regex Parser.

Automate facebook lead

Effectively Manage your Facebook lead using this automation

dpd automation

Automate the process of Shipment orders to Pickup requests and integration to wide range of apps.

Get Facebook Leads

We developed an automation which can transfer Facebook Ads leads to salesperson WhatsApp chats

MS sale CRM automate

Automate Sales CRM key processes and streamline your business with this automation.


Integrate OpenAI with Your Applications for Enhanced AI Capabilities.

no code

Automate the most repeated task from your Dynamics 365 CRM.

Microsoft Business Central

Automate business central manual processes with this automation.

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