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Make Scenario Development 

Get your business processes automated by seamlessly integrating your business apps or services on Make, a robust automation tool features an intuitive drag-and-drop scenario builder and offers the most cost-effective solution.  Choose to work with Make's Gold Partner, who has developed over 800 scenarios for more than 350+ clients worldwide. 

Process automation with Make



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Make has a visual and intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop scenario editor, making it easier to create and manage automations.



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In Make, you get charged per operation. So, Make is more affordable for users who need to run complex automations with many steps.

More API Endpoints


Make currently features 2x more API endpoints per app than competitors. Simply put, Make allows you to automate more actions within your apps.

Advanced Features and Tools


Make offers a wide range of advanced features and tools that are unique to the platform.


and Scalability

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Make offers extensive customization for tailored workflows and scales seamlessly to accommodate businesses of all sizes 

Security and Compliance

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Make prioritizes data security, uses OAuth and secure connections for integrations, and complies with GDPR and HIPAA, ideal for businesses with stringent compliance needs. 

Custom Functions and Expressions

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Make allows users to create custom functions and expressions, enhancing the level of automation and customization possible within workflows. 

Support and Documentation

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Make provides comprehensive documentation and support resources, including tutorials, webinars, and a support community. 

Affordable Pricing

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1 Hour

Live Implementation


 3 Hours

30 Days Validity


 5 Hours

30 Days Validity


 10 Hours

30 Days Validity

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Why Msquare is the best choice for your Make scenario development?


We are Make's Gold partner 

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Recognized as “MAKE Automator of the Month" in January 2022 

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Worked with over 350+ clients from 20+ countries. 

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Developed over 800+ scenarios and 30+ custom apps. 



Resolved over 7000 technical issues for Make customers 

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Client Testimonials

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