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PaLM AI: Smarter AI Assistant !

Need a hand getting things done or just someone to chat with? Say hello to PaLM, the latest artificial intelligence assistant that understands natural language, hold real conversations, better abilities for problem-solving , Improved multilingual and reasoning capabilities.



Count Message Token Usage

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Count Tokens of the user query.

Generate Message

Business Process Automation

Generate a response from the model given an input message prompt.

Generate text

Business Process Automation

Used to generate a response from the model given an input message.

Get Model Details

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Returns information about model such as version, display name, input token limit,etc.

Just 2 Simple Steps

Instructions - How to use this app 

Follow these simple steps to setup and get Msquare's PaLM AI live in minutes.

NOTE: The PaLM AI Modules only work on the us-environments

Step-1: Create Account on

Create a free or paid account on

Use the following link to signup and get 10,000 operations free on for the first month. Later you can choose the plan that suits your requirement.

Magic Signup link:

Step-2: Click on Get Started button below and make the payment


Step-3: Fill out the required details here

Once the details are submitted, you will receive an email with the API Key.


Affordable Pricing


  • Onetime payment

  • No recurring charges

  • Unlimited executions

Life Time

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Book A Free Consultation Call

Know More About Msquare

Msquare Automation Solutions is a leading automation company. We deliver automation products across the globe to fulfill business requirements. We help businesses to automated their key processes, make them robust, less manual intervention and completely independent. Our core expertise is No Code Automation for 1000+ Business applications ie. Shopify, Google Suite (all products), Microsoft Suite (all products), Zoho Suite (all products), Slack, Discord, Twitter, CRM Automation, Facebook & Google Leads Management, Airtable, WooCommerce, Email Marketing, Stripe and major Payment Gateway Integration and many more.

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