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Youtube Automation 

Module List

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Standard Modules


Watch for new video by search

Trigger when a new video is uploaded that matches a specific search strings

Watch for comments

Trigger when a new comment will arrive

Watch for new video upload

Trigger when channel will upload a new video.

Watch for new video in playlist

Watch for new video in playlist.

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Upload a video

Upload a video on Youtube Channel

Upload caption for a video

Upload Caption for a video

Update video details

Update the details of a video ( Title, Description, Tag and catagory)

Watch for new video in playlist

Watch for new video in playlist.

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Create a comment

Create a comment

List comment threads

List comment thread

Delete a comment

Delete a comment

Set Moderation Status

Set moderation status for a comment

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Update Channel Description          Update Description the Channel

Upload Banner for a Channel          Update Description the Channel

Get Channel Id                                      Get channel Id from channel Name

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Live Broadcast Creation

Create a new live broadcast

Create Video Stream

Create a Video Stream

Bind the Broadcast to Stream

Bind the Broadcast with the stream

Update a Live Broadcast

Update Settings of a live Broadcast

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Create a Playlists                                      Create a Playlists

List Channel Playlists                      List Channel Playlists

List Items of the Playlists             List items of the Playlists

Add Item in Playlists                         Add Item in Playlists

Add Item in Playlists                        Add Item in Playlists

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Make an API Call                         Performs an arbitary autorized API Call                                 

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Premium Modules

Available only in Youtube Premium Subscription


Youtube Video Trigger                Youtube Upload/Update/Delete Video Trigger                             


Get Video Captions                    Get Caption of a Youtube video if available                      

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