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Masterclass - Handle Array & Collections like a Pro (on Make.Com)

Most Make users struggle to work with complex Arrays, Collections, and arrays inside an array.


We decoded three powerful methods that can help you overcome almost all challenges working with arrays & collections.

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Topics Covered

  • How to get an item from an array in three methods

  • How to extract an item from a dynamic collection

  • How to Combine the Typeform and Calendly Question & Answers in just two operations

Know your coach

Msquare is authorized service and support partner of Make


We worked with hundreds of clients across globe and delivery thousands of automation scenarios on over 500 plus business apps.


We regularly publish tips, tricks, case studies on Make community.

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  • You'll get the details of recorded class by email

  • Every Saturday

  • Time: 11:30 a.m. - 01:00 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time)

  • Venue: Microsoft Teams

Know More About Msquare

Msquare Automation Solutions is a leading automation company. 
We deliver automation products across the globe to fulfill business requirements.

We help businesses to automated their key processes, make them robust, less manual 
intervention and completely independent.

Our core expertise is No Code Automation for 1000+ Business applications ie. Shopify, 
Google Suite (all products), Microsoft Suite (all products), Zoho Suite (all products), 
Slack, Discord, Twitter, CRM Automation, Facebook & Google Leads Management, Airtable, 
WooCommerce, Email Marketing, Stripe and major Payment Gateway Integration and many more.

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