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Bot Services

We specialize in creating tailored bot solutions to optimize your business operations and enhance customer engagement. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Make, our team of experts designs and develops custom bots that integrate with your existing systems and processes. Whether you need a virtual assistant to handle customer inquiries, an automated workflow to boost efficiency, or a chatbot to provide 24/7 support, we have the skills and experience to deliver a solution that meets your unique requirements.

Boat services
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AI Voice Assistance

VAPI brings AI-powered convenience to your fingertips. Using advanced speech recognition and natural language processing, VAPI responds to your voice with remarkable accuracy. From setting reminders to answering queries, controlling smart devices to providing personalized recommendations, VAPI adapts to your needs. Elevate your daily routine with VAPI's intelligent assistance.

How to connect VAPI with Make?

To connect VAPI with Make, start by creating a new scenario in your Make account. Choose VAPI as your trigger app and authenticate your VAPI account within Make. Select the specific VAPI trigger event you want to use, such as a voice command or a particular action. Then, add subsequent steps in Make to process the data received from VAPI, setting up any necessary data mapping between VAPI and other apps you wish to integrate. Once your scenario is set up, test it thoroughly to ensure proper connection and data flow between VAPI and your other chosen applications. After confirming everything works as intended, activate the scenario to start automating your workflows with VAPI's voice commands as the trigger.

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