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How to Save 1000's of Operations in Make with Google sheet Custom App?

Is your workflow becoming inefficient due to a bulk amount of Google Sheet data? Introducing our Google Sheet Custom App, a powerful Google Sheet custom app that lets you unleash the batch beast. Stop wasting precious operations!

Save over 1,000 operations and multiply your efficiency by 10x with:

·         Lightning-fast batch append, update, and clear actions

·         Effortless workflow optimization

·         More freedom to focus on what matters

Stop counting operations, start counting wins.

Key Features of Google sheet Custom App

Batch Append Rows

The batch append rows feature is invaluable for large dataset management by enabling users to append thousands of records at the expense of maximum three operations. Executing batch append instantly adds rows, saving vast amounts of time and money compared to manual insertion. This makes it a game-changer for improving speed and efficiency.

Batch Update Rows The batch update rows functionality provides a powerful capability for efficiently managing and modifying large datasets. Rather than updating records one row at a time, batch updating enables simultaneously modifying multiple rows based on specified criteria with few operations. This allows users to implement changes across hundreds or thousands of rows in a fraction of the time compared to tedious individual row edits. Whether standardizing values, automating data corrections, or performing complex transformations, batch updates simplify repetitious multi-row edits for vastly improved speed and efficiency.

Batch Clear Rows The batch clear row’s function allows swiftly deleting multiple rows from a dataset in one single operation. Rather than manually clearing rows one by one, users can specify filters to target a particular set of rows for batch removal. This enables instantly deleting hundreds or thousands of unwanted records in seconds based on any required criteria. Whether cleansing stale data, removing temporary values, or resetting tables, batch clear rows greatly accelerate the process. The huge time savings compared to individual row deletion also minimizes the risk of accidental removal of valuable information. By automating repeatable cleanup of disposable data, batch clear rows enable maintaining clean, relevant datasets for more efficient analytics and reporting.

Sort a Sheet

The ability to sort an entire sheet with one operation delivers immense time savings when working with large datasets. Rather than sorting column by column, the sort sheet function allows applying sorts to the entire data range instantly. Users can sort the data according to the criteria. The automated sheet sorting capability allows rapid reorganization of thousands of rows with minimal effort. Whether arranging data for reporting, analysis, or presentation, one-click sheet sorting removes the friction of manual sorting at scale.

Format Header In the Google Sheets app, the formatting header allows for easy customization in single operation. You can modify the Header Background Color by adding different colors. Additionally, you can adjust the Text Color, Text Horizontal Alignment, Font Size, Boldness, and Frozen Row Count for a more personalized appearance.


In summary, the Google Sheets (Batch) Custom App delivers immense efficiency gains for users working with large datasets. By automating repetitive tasks like batch append/update/clear rows, sorting entire sheets, and formatting headers, it eliminates thousands of manual operations. This custom automation app allows handling expansive Make data with far greater speed, accuracy, and flexibility. Users can rapidly aggregate, transform, analyze, and report on critical information to unlock deeper insights. With the ability to save countless hours and eliminate hidden costs, the Google Sheets Custom App is an invaluable tool for Make power users handling large, complex data workflows. Implementing this easy-to-use batch automation will enable managing Make data at scale while boosting productivity multifold.

New to Make? 

Use the following link to signup and get 10,000 operations (Pro plan) free on Make for the first month. Later you can choose the plan that suits your requirement.

For scenario building & live implementations, feel free to contact us.

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