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How to batch update multiple webhook data to Google Sheets in Make (Integromat)

Are you worried of excessive consumption of operations while using the google sheets module in Make (Integromat)? Are you looking for a solution that can save thousands of operations and simplify your data management tasks? Look no further than Msquare’s Google Sheets (Batch) Custom App. This powerful tool can help you say goodbye to operation consumption for each row update and streamline your data management process.

Below is our case study on how to batch-update multiple webhook data to the google sheets in Make (Formerly Integromat). Here, we will explain the steps to be followed to batch update data from the custom webhook module.

Steps to be followed:

1. Combine multiple webhook data by inputting a higher value in the field "Maximum number of results" in the webhook module's settings.

2. Change the scheduling settings to regular intervals

How to map array aggregator with Google sheet custom app module:

In the Target structure type, we need to select "Google sheet batch update".

Input the Major Dimension and Range as shown below. Modify it as per your requirement.

In the value field, map values incoming from the webhook output