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Lead Management with and Twilio using Make (formerly Integromat)

For every business effective communication is crucial for their success. Companies must be able to reach their customers and clients quickly and efficiently in order to build and maintain strong relationships. One solution for this is effective lead management.

In this case study, we will examine the implementation of lead management with and Twilio. We will explore the benefits of this integration, including improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. By providing a detailed analysis of the implementation and its results, this case study aims to demonstrate the value of effective lead management.

Client Background

  • Core business is Swimming Pool Construction & Inground Designs

  • Located in United States

Problems they were facing

  • Lack of effective lead management

  • Delayed deliveries.

  • Overall efficiency of the firm was affected.

How it works

  1. Customers and subcontractors are stored in a database, with specific columns for email address and phone number.

  2. Subcontractors are recorded as subitems, along with their phone number.

  3. The "Update" feature is used to communicate with both customers and subcontractors separately.

  4. MMS images can also be included in these updates.

This process maintains efficient communication with both customers and subcontractors. The database keeps track of important conversations.


  • Improved efficiency in lead management

  • Prompt delivery

  • Quick turnover

  • Improved communication

Apps Used


  • Make (Integromat)

  • Twilio

  • Github

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