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Integrating VAPI AI Voice Assistant with Make: Transforming Inbound & Outbound Call Workflows

VAPI AI Assistant

At Msquare Automation Solutions, we feel pleasure in offering innovative automation solutions that optimize business processes. One of our recent triumphs is the integration of VAPI AI Voice Assistant with Make, transforming how businesses handle inbound and outbound calls for appointment booking. This integration has proven invaluable in managing appointments efficiently across platforms like Google Calendar and GoHighLevel (GHL). 

VAPI AI Voice Assistant

The Challenges of VAPI AI Voice Assistant

Many businesses struggle with managing incoming and outgoing calls, leading to missed opportunities and scheduling conflicts. Traditional methods of handling calls and appointments are often inefficient and prone to human error. Our goal was to create an automated, solution that ensures every call is managed effectively, and appointments are scheduled without a hitch.  

Our Solution: VAPI AI Voice Assistant and Make 

VAPI AI Voice Assistant

Why VAPI AI Voice Assistant? 

VAPI AI Voice Assistant is a robust platform designed to handle various AI-powered voice interactions. It offers advanced features like natural language processing (NLP), voice recognition, and AI-driven responses, making it an ideal choice for managing calls. By integrating VAPI AI Voice Assistant, we can automate both inbound and outbound calls, ensuring that no call goes unanswered, and every appointment is booked accurately. 


Make is a powerful automation platform that allows for uniform integration between different applications. Its visual interface makes it easy to design complex automation scenarios without extensive coding knowledge. By leveraging Make, we can connect VAPI AI Voice Assistant with various appointment scheduling platforms like Google Calendar and GoHighLevel(GHL), ensuring a cohesive and automated workflow. 

How It Works  

Create AI Voice Assistant: Create an AI assistant with a customized name and prompt. 

VAPI AI Voice Assistant

VAPI AI Voice Assistant

Inbound Calls 

For inbound calls, VAPI AI Voice Assistant handles the initial interaction with the caller. It uses NLP to understand the caller's request and provides appropriate responses. If the caller wants to book an appointment, VAPI AI Voice Assistant collects the necessary information and passes it to Make. Then automates the process of scheduling the appointment in the desired platform, whether it's Google Calendar or GoHighLevel(GHL). 


  1. Call Handling: VAPI AI answers the inbound call. 

  2. Caller Interaction: VAPI AI interacts with the caller using NLP to gather appointment details. 

  3. Data Transfer: The collected information is sent to Make. 

  4. Appointment Booking: Make schedules the appointment in Google Calendar or GoHighLevel(GHL) any other platforms. 

Outbound Calls 

For outbound calls, VAPI AI Voice Assistant can be programmed to reach out to clients for appointment confirmations or reminders. The call scripts and timings are managed through Make, which sends the necessary data to VAPI AI. VAPI AI then places the call, interacts with the recipient, and updates the appointment status in the respective platform. 


  1. Data Preparation: Make collects appointment details and schedules the outbound call. 

  2. Call Execution: VAPI AI makes the outbound call at the scheduled time. 

  3. Recipient Interaction: VAPI AI confirms or reminds the appointment with the recipient. 

  4. Status Update: Make updates the appointment status based on the call outcome. 

Benefits of VAPI AI Assistant  


Automating call management saves significant time and resources. VAPI AI handles repetitive tasks, allowing human agents to focus on more complex interactions. 


By reducing human intervention, the chances of errors in appointment scheduling are minimized. VAPI AI ensures that all information is accurately captured and processed. 


Our solution can easily scale to handle increasing call volumes. Whether it's a small business or a large enterprise, the integration of VAPI AI and Make can accommodate growing needs without compromising performance. 

Excellent Integration 

With Make, integrating VAPI AI Voice Assistant with various platforms like Google Calendar and GoHighLevel(GHL) is straightforward. The visual interface and extensive library of pre-built connectors make it easy to create and manage automation workflows.  Eg: Scenario of booking a hotel room by connecting with Make. 

VAPI AI Voice Assistant

Upon receiving an inbound call and its completion, we'll obtain the call details. We'll then search for the caller's phone number in our sheet. If the number is found, we'll update the corresponding transcript column with the call's transcript. If the number isn't in the sheet, we'll add a new row containing all the call details. 


The integration of VAPI AI Voice Assistant with Make has transformed how businesses handle inbound and outbound calls for appointment booking. At Msquare Automation Solutions, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging the power of VAPI AI and Make, businesses can ensure excellent call management and appointment scheduling, ultimately leading to better customer experiences and improved operational efficiency. 

If you're looking to transform your call management processes and improve appointment scheduling, contact us today to learn more about our solutions. Together, we can take your business to new heights with the power of automation. 

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