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Auto extract leads from Comments on Facebook Ads

Are you are a busy marketer, spending few hours every day to review comments posted on your Ads or regular posts. Then this small automation can save you a lot time, effort and money.

Just 2 Simple Steps

How To Set Up? Just 2 Simple Steps

Step-1 Add our System Id to your Facebook Page Role

Add our system id as Employee Role to your Page. Don't worry, it is safe, we comply strict confidential policies.

System ID:

Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Along with this fill following form, so our team can contact you for setup.


Step-2 Fill Account Setup Request Form

Just fill following form and wait for few hours.

You will be notified via an email from

Step-3 Fill out the required details here

Bingoooooo!!! You are all set.

Just wait for few hours for your account setup. Keep close eye on your mailbox.

How To Use This Tool?

Once your account is setup, you will get access to your dedicated Google Spreadsheet interface.


Step-4 Just add all the Post IDs and Pages IDs to the Google Spreadsheet interface.

Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Watch here

Final Outcome - Comments Extracted

First Extract Run - Here system will extract all the existing comments on that post and update in your dedicated Google Spreadsheet Sheet Interface.


Regular Extract Run - System run new comments check in every 2 hours. The sheet will keep on updating.


Watch this video to learn how it works.

Watch here

Affordable Pricing



  • 3 Days Access

  • 25 Executions

  • No credit card required 



  • 10,000 executions per month



  • Onetime payment

  • No recurring charges

  • Unlimited executions

  • All Future Updates and Upgrades Covered.

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Answers To Your
Most Common Questions
  • How do I add a new question & answer?
    To add a new FAQ follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Add a new question & answer 3. Assign your FAQ to a category 4. Save and publish. You can always come back and edit your FAQs.
  • Can I insert an image, video, or GIF in my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Create a new FAQ or edit an existing one 3. From the answer text box click on the video, image or GIF icon 4. Add media from your library and save.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • I run a digital marketing agency with 5 clients, so do I have to get this set up separately for each client?
    Yes, you have to get a separate setup for each of you because of the clients. This is because every client will have different Facebook pages hence they cannot be consolidated together.
  • Is my lead data secured?
    We keep data security on top of everything. All your lead's data is sensitive; hence we do not store any of the information on our servers and databases. You are covered with a legal agreement.
  • How much time does lead delivery take on WhatsApp?
    It is almost instant, you will get notified within 1 minute of lead submission on Facebook.
  • Can I remove any of my sales person from allocation?
    Yes, you can either deactivate any salesperson or delete them completely from the Leads allocation rule sheet.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Yes, you can cancel it anytime. You can also remove our Facebook ID from your page role to completely terminate our access to your page and lead forms.
Know More About Msquare

Msquare Automation Solutions is a leading automation company. We deliver automation products across the globe to fulfill business requirements. We help businesses to automated their key processes, make them robust, less manual intervention and completely independent.Our core expertise is No Code Automation for 1000+ Business applications ie. Shopify, Google Suite (all products), Microsoft Suite (all products), Zoho Suite (all products), Slack, Discord, Twitter, CRM Automation, Facebook & Google Leads Management, Airtable, WooCommerce, Email Marketing, Stripe and major Payment Gateway Integration and many more.

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