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Msquare's Multi-Regex Parser

This advanced data extraction tool allows you to input multiple regex expressions within a single module and hence save operations.

Multi Regex Parser

Key Features

  • Extract Unlimited Values.
  • Consumes only one operation.
  • Save operation.
  • Cost Effective.

Just 2 Simple Steps

Instructions - How To Use This App

Follow these simple steps to setup and get Msquare's PDF Extractor live in minutes.


Step-1 Create Account on

This Custom APP  works on so you will have to create a free or paid account on

Use the following link to signup and get 10,000 operations free on for the first month. Later you can choose the plan that suits your requirement.

Magic Signup link:


Step-2 Click on Get Started button and make the payment

Step-3 Fill out the required details here

Once the details are submitted, we shall install the app.


How to use API Key/Activation Code:

When you establish connection for this app, enter the API Key/Activation code, which you will receive in your registered email address.

Affordable Pricing


  • Onetime payment

  • No recurring charges

  • Unlimited executions

Life Time

Book A Free Consultation Call

Know More About Msquare

Msquare Automation Solutions is a leading automation company. We deliver automation products across the globe to fulfill business requirements. We help businesses to automated their key processes, make them robust, less manual intervention and completely independent. Our core expertise is No Code Automation for 1000+ Business applications ie. Shopify, Google Suite (all products), Microsoft Suite (all products), Zoho Suite (all products), Slack, Discord, Twitter, CRM Automation, Facebook & Google Leads Management, Airtable, WooCommerce, Email Marketing, Stripe and major Payment Gateway Integration and many more.

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